What started out as a simple way to open my garage door from my iPhone turned into what you see here.  As of this writing it can be used to open/close the garage door, check the status of the garage door, arm/disarm my security system, and send email alerts.  The heart of this system is (obviously) an Arduino, but no ethernet shield was used.

The Arduino is controlled via serial commands from a php script running on my home web server.  That same server has a python script running that listens for serial data and saves the status of the door and security system to text files for displaying on the website.  The python script is also sending emails when it sees the door open.

My next step is to try to control my heating and a/c.  The two systems are completely separate right now and using two different thermostats.  I hope to have them both set via the web interface and send email alerts if the temperature gets too high or low.

This site will be kept up to date with the latest information on my Arduino home control system.  


3/8/11 - Source Code Posted

3/20/11 - Featured on Hackaday!

3/20/11 - It was asked how I tied into the garage opener itself.  My garage door opener does not have a "doorbell" input that I could tie directly into so I simply soldered the wires from the relay to the back of the push button on the wall control unit.  The status is monitored by a magnetic door switch.

3/21/11 - Updated schematic error on hardware page thanks to swink

7/16/11 - Posted parts list under "hardware".  Thanks Shawn.